There are already millions of people around the world who have a serious interest in fishing. Whether you want to catch fish to eat or just want to try it out for the game of it, fishing can be a lot of fun.

top 10 fishing essentials - what you need to go fishing

The most important fishing how-to tips revolve around learning how to choose the right gear, this way you can get properly prepared before heading out on your adventure, and that includes getting all the right fishing equipment.


Top 5 Fishing Essentials + more…

1. Find the right fishing rod for the type of fishing you would like to do, plus make sure it’s to your preference. Consider size, style, and weight.

2. You will also require fishing line, fishing hooks, a tackle box, case or bag, and fishing boat if you really want to go all out, so be sure to go for high quality.

3. Baits and lures will make a difference for finding your seafood. Learn about what’s the right bait for the sort of fish you would like to catch.

4. Once you’ve caught your fish, you will have to reel them in. That’s where having the right kind of fishing reel comes in. There are various styles and brands available, so invest some time making your decision.

5. Keeping your fishing accessories together means investing in a good fishing bag or tackle box.

Bonus – Extra Fishing Essentials

6. If you consider standing up in the river to fish, a good pair of waders will be needed to keep you warm and dry.

7. If you are not thinking about standing in a river to fish, you may choose to purchase a good pair of boots.

8. With winter afternoons dark, it’s wise to keep at least a small flashlight in your pocket all the time.

9. Ensuring you’re well prepared for the most detrimental weather means buying some water-proof clothing.  An excellent fishing rain coat, sunglasses, other misc fishing clothing, a life jacket, some waterproof matches, etc., for example will be essential if you plan on staying out all full day and staying comfortable.

10. Furthermore, you’ll also want to consider a comfortable and durable pair of pants (or shorts if the weather is agreeable).

Live Bait or Lures?

Some fisherman prefers live bait while others stick to lures, and although everyone has their personal preference the live bait does tend to work best.

It is always best to get a good selection of lures to keep in your tackle box so you have at least a few to choose from when out on the water. Consider the size of fish you are going after because the larger fish you want to catch, the larger and more bait you will need.

You also never know when a lure is going to get damaged or get lost in the water, so it is always best to have a few extras on hand.

Where Are You Going To Go?

The next step, once you are all geared up, is to decide on the location where you want to fish. There are many great spots around the world you can head to and it’s always a good idea to tell someone where you plan to be and when you plan to be back – just in case you have an accident or something.

There is a lot of fishing how to that is helpful to learn before heading out anywhere to try and make the big catch. Anyone can get started fishing as long as they have the right gear and are fully prepared for the experience.

More About Fishing Rods and Poles

Choosing a fishing rod is one of the most important but also most difficult decisions as a novice fisherman.

Selecting a fishing rod can be an overwhelming experience if you have no idea what to look for, especially if you are not even sure whether or not you are going to take a long-term interest in the sport.  It is best to spend a bit less money at first.

A couple of things to consider when choosing your rod are how often you are going to go fishing and use the rod and what sort of fishing you will be doing.

There is no magical rod that is going to help you become an angling pro, but with a quality rod, you will be much more successful in your fishing endeavors.

Now you need to focus on buying a tackle box and filling it up with some important goodies, namely extra lures, hooks, fishing line, a good multi purpose tool (or fishing knife), perhaps a GPS to mark you favorite spot, and food, don’t forget the food.

Good Luck Out There,

Pa from Pa’s Fishing Guide


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