When it comes to catching catfish there is no doubt that choosing the right reel is extremely important. Many new anglers often waste big money and therefore they need to know some basics when it comes to choosing the right reels for getting a decent catch of catfish at the end of the day.

Understanding The Species Of Catfish Is Important

To start with the anglers should know some basic details about the species of catfish which you will be targeting. This is because catfishes come in different sizes and shapes and the reels which you choose have a direct relation. Therefore you must spend some time and be sure that you are choosing the right fishing reels for the species of catfishes

Three Broad Categories of Reels

When it comes to choosing catfish reels there are three options available. They are spinning reels, bait cast reels and spin cast reels. The basic concept of all the three reels is the same. You have to turn the handle. Once this is done the fishing line gets pulled and then you have a chance to catch the fish. However, apart from this basic uniformity there are some differences which the users must be aware.

Some Information About Spincast Reels

They are considered as the basic fishing reels. They are useful for learning fishing as a beginner. All that you need to do is push a button, set the cast and reel. Beyond this beginners do not have much to learn.

However, these reels may not be suitable for large sized cat fish because the reel is bound to break. Therefore if you are aware about the limitations of line capacity this could be a good reel to start learning the basics of fishing.

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Spinning Reels

Spinning reels are superior to spin cast reels. They come with a wire bale and the same has to be flipped back and forth when casting. They could perhaps be useful to those who are not sure about casting with a bait cast fishing reel. There are others who find them comfortable and continue to use them. Though they could be useful in fishing large sized catfishes you will be hamstrung by the selection of fishing rods because of limited options available.

Bait Cast Reels

Bait cast reels are considered to be the best by most professional catfish anglers. They are also the most widely used. If you take a look around oceans, lakes, water bodies and rivers and scout for catfish anglers, you will find that seven out of ten using bait cast reels.

They are considered to be the best because they have the best of line capacity. Hence they are capable of holding heavier fishing line. They also have good gear ratios and the same are perfectly suited for catching large sized catfishes. They also provide the facility of pulling in fishing line of long lengths. They also come with sophisticated drag systems which again is best suited for large sized fishes.

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