1 x Crank Bait Deep Diver #7 (7cm or 2.75 inches long) 5/16 oz in Fire Tiger with dual treble hooks dives 11-13ft 6 x Soft Plastic Lures 3 inches in Grub Style Pearl Body with Chartreus Paddle Tail 4 x Jigs 1/4 oz in Chartreus/Green with White/Black eye bronze barbed hook 5 x Jigs 1/8 oz in White with Red/Black eye bronze barbed hook 1 x Nightcrawler Harness Red/Green/Yellow Blade with Green/Purple rattlin’ beads dual barbed hooks 1 x Live Bait Harness with Swivel and 1/4 oz Walking Weight barbed octopus hook 1 x Slip Bobber Neon/Red/Black 3 inch Length 1 inch Diameter 6 x Slip Bobber Stoppers in Neon with Neon Catching Beads 75 x Terminal Tackle including assorted J Hooks, Snap Swivels, and Split Shot Sinkers 1 x Tackle Storage Device (9 1/8 inch x 5 inch x 1 1/4 inch ) 9 x Anti-Rust dividers providing up to 18 compartments for tackle storage. Great for walleye fishing. Crank bait provides deep diving action. Perfect for Midwest fishing. Professionals that designed these components are from fishing Minnesota and understand what is necessary to be successful walleye anglers.

Product Features

  • POPULAR STYLES AT COMMON SIZES – Essential Walleye fishing tackle in the appropriate sizes, styles and colors
  • VERSATILE TACTICS – 101 pcs includes Crank Bait, Soft Plastics, Jigs, Slip Bobber Set, Bait Harness, Hooks, Snap Swivels and Weights
  • CONVENIENTLY STORED – 9×5 inch plastic tackle storage with rust resistant dividers to keep tackle protected and easily transported
  • FROM BEGINNERS TO PROS – Selection offers virtually all general Walleye tactics, great for starting and replacing existing core tackle
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE – This is professionally used tackle curated by guides and seasoned enthusiast to pass along to all anglers

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