The Best Hardbait for catching Bass. Most popular. Excellent performance. Sleek profile and great moving action. Patented color changing bait — cast and catch. Smartbaits are baits and tackles for perfect improved fishing rates. Our hard baits and fishing lures are color changing and improves catching all types of bass, trout, walleye. Our fishing lures are also perfect for deep water fishing and shallow water fishing. Our lures are perfect for night time fishing as well since our lures are color changing to the temperature of the water. These fishing baits are guarenteed to improve your catching and fishing experience. All of our lures are perfect fisherman gifts. Crank baits are also popular for Smartbaits. Our Hardbaits are great steel made lures that are the best tackles for catching big fish game. Our softbait fishing lures are great tools for catching more fish and are our most popular fishing tackle and baits on the market. Anglers love our fishing baits and professionals use our pro fishing lures out on the waters! Salwater fishing is also very popular among our customers. Our fishing tackles are great lures for family fishing, pro fisherman, and casual shallow water wishing. Our lures are perfect for all fish and uses!

Product Features

  • Superb quality VMC PermaSteel hooks, can be used in salt or fresh water. Will secure a strike and hold on tight until you land that “hog”
  • Great to use all over the country, spotted bass, smallmouth, bass, walleye & pike.
  • 3″ in length and weighing in at 3/4 ounce. Sinking Lure that in our most popular. Excellent craftsmanship.
  • Patented Color Change on the belly where fish will see the change and cause powerful strike. Excellent action and great profile.
  • So versatile that it can be used by a Pro or “Weekend Warrior”. Some techniques to use: fish in sparse grass and rip it through or slow run it around cover at different depths.

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