Heavy duty stainless steel split rings Triple epoxy finish coating 3d holographic eyes Tsunami Timber Lure Jointed Eel Swimmers are designed for long stable casts and to float slightly nose down. Representing one of the most important forage foods of striped bass, the TS Jointed Eel rings the dinner bell loud and clear. They can be retrieved at medium to high speeds and will run to depths of nearly three feet. Probably best will be a slow speed retrieve where the wide, sinuous rolling wobble of this lure makes it an excellent surface “wake bait” to draw explosive strikes from throughout the water column.

Product Features

  • Color: White/Olive
  • Length: 8″
  • Weight: 1 1/2oz
  • Premium, VMC 4x strong Permasteel hooks
  • Extra heavy duty stainless steel thru wire construction

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