An “Interact” concept of a sinking “Strike Maker Lures” were put to life through the integration of our experienced injection molding technology and the know-how from the most respected local anglers. Its weight settings, wire-through design, interior structure and its unique body design rivals or surpasses with its sharp action. This lure can easily be controlled to stage sinking 0.5m its action by novice ~ expert anglers in various field conditions. The distinctive body design with the help of our experienced injection molding technology. Since the release of the first 80F model in 2015, a whole year has passed and the long awaited 105S is ready to be launched. In contrast with the dynamic image of the field, our field staff have gone through countless samples of the sensitive lure development to come up with the action performance even the most hard-core expert anglers will be pleased to see. The pencil has also been upgraded for angler to be able to go head to head with Bass, Striper and other Hungry Predators.

Product Features

  • You will get 5 colors beautiful finish lures with one top quality tackle box
  • Depth: 0 – 0.5m, Sinking to 0.5m
  • Length: 10.5cm / 4.5″,
  • Weight: 14.5g / 1/2oz
  • The size of box: 6.6″ * 4″ * 1.38″

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