In the umpteen eons that people have been fishing (that would be the technical term, itâ€TMs okay to just say a really long time) weâ€TMve learned a few things. Changed tactics here and there. Added some colors, okay neon, to our collection of wares, but the basic premise is still the same. Entice a fish to bite whatâ€TMs at the end of your line. In light of this simple perfection we direct your attention to our Triumph® spinning and casting rods. With a range of models fashioned from premium SCII graphite and outfitted with first-class trimmings, the Triumph series offers you, hands down, the best value on the water today. A rod that honors the purity of fishing while adding the latest in St. Croix engineering technology. This year weâ€TMve even added four new travel models. Itâ€TMs not like gas is getting cheaper, so we figured everyone could use a break when it came to getting a good rod for when you get where youâ€TMre going.

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