Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Reels with Left/right Interchangeable Collapsible Wood Handle Powerful
Metal Body 5.2:1/5.1:1 Gear Ratio Smooth 11BB For Inshore Boat Rock Freshwater Saltwater Fishing

1.Newest design 11BB fishing reel 1000,2000,3000,4000,5000 ,6000 Series
(note:if you need big size reel ,please choose big size series )
2.Metal line spool very strong ,with high-tensile gear.
3.Instant anti-reverse
4.Power drive gear equipped for high strength
5.Thick coiled bail spring
6.S-curve oscillation system for very good line winding
7.Left/right Interchangeable Collapsible Wood Handle
8.Computer balanced rotor
9.High tensile strength plastic body
10.Casts furthest amoung reel types; Longer life of reel; Cast light weight lures and baits better
11.Additional uses include: Pier fishing; Offshore fishing; Shore fishing; Boat-mounting and so on

Product details:

Ball bearings:10+1

DK1000 weight:244g Gear ratio: 5.2:1
Line capacity (mm/m):0.18/220 0.2/180 0.25/120 LBS/YDS: 6/200 8/150 10/110
DK2000 weight:256g Gear ratio: 5.2:1
Line capacity (mm/m):0.18/360 0.2/300 0.25/190 LBS/YDS: 6/220 8/160 10/120
DK3000 weight:262g Gear ratio: 5.2:1
Line capacity (mm/m):0.2/340 0.25/220 0.3/150 LBS/YDS:8/220 10/160 12/120
DK4000 weight:271g Gear ratio: 5.2:1
Line capacity (mm/m):0.3/160 0.35/125 0.4/100 LBS/YDS:12/180 14/140 16/100

DK5000 weight: 377g Gear ratio: 5.1: 1
Line capacity (mm/m): 0.35/150 0.4/120 0.45/100 LBS/YDS:14/170 16/140 18/120
DK6000 weight: 396g Gear ratio: 5.1: 1
Line capacity (mm/m): 0.35/190 0.4/150 0.45/120 LBS/YDS 14/210 16/170 18/140

Package Included:
1 x Fishing Reel

Product Features

  • The Fishing Reels Spinning Freshwater Saltwater with 5.2:1 Gear Ratio 11BB ,CNC machine cut ABS collapsible handle, Left/right Interchangeable .
  • Fully adjustable cast control with sound.S-curve oscillation system for very good line winding .Aluminum spool with high-tensile gear.
  • Excellent line lay oscillation system. Ultra-thin streamline designed body.
  • Suitable for Position: Ocean Boat Fishing, Ocean Rock Fshing, Ocean Beach Fishing, Lake, River, Reservoir Pond, Stream
  • KINDLY NOTE: FISHING ROD IS NOT INCLUDED. Want to buy fishing rod? Please search the ASIN:B017BEYJYU if you have any questions about the product and the delivery ,feel free contact us ,i will give you solved until Until you can be satisfied

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