Brand:Shaddock Fishing

15 x ball bearing swivels
#2 : 0.67” /1.7cm 5pcs Test : 65lb/29.5kg
#3 : 0.71” /1.8cm 5pcs Test : 130lb/59.1kg
#4 : 0.98” /2.5cm 5pcs Test : 200lb/90.9kg

30x Fishing line to hook swivels shank clip connector
Size A(Red) : 1.26”/3.2cm :10pcs
Size B(Yellow) : 1.10”/2.8cm:10pcs
Size C(Blue) : 1.06” /2.7cm:10pcs

20 X fishing line sinker slides with 4# hook snap

50 X 4.5mm stainless steel fishing split rings, test: 20lb

30 X 8# silver fishing treble hooks

20pcs X 1# black sport circle hooks

7pcsX egg sinker weights

1x hasp fishing tackle storage box

Product Features

  • 1. Come with 172pcs all the necessary fishing accessories, included fishing sport circle hooks,treble hooks,ball bearing swivels, fishing line to hook swivels shank clip connector, stainless steel double fishing split rings,fishing line sinker slides, Fishing Egg Sinker Weights
  • 2. All made of high quality material. 7 different kinds of necessary fishing accessories, each kind of size of them are placed in different small grids which easy to access
  • 3. Various fishing accessories meet multiple fishing needs
  • 4. Comes with 26 individual compartments hasp fishing tackle storage box, easy to store and transport
  • 5. Box size: L:4.72inch,W:3.94, H:1.38inch

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