Gear ratio:Double Speed 4.5:1/2.5:1
Line capacity:40/430 50/300 60/270(LBS/M)
The brake force:20kg
Wire cup size:(Diameter)52.1mm*35mm
Body size:(Diameter)62mm*52mm

Product Features

  • Hard surface oxidation anodizing,superior corrosion resistance,anti-seawater,do not fade.Fishing reel wire wheel ,the right cover use for high-strength aluminum 6061 material,Manufacturing process perfect
  • Add alarm switch, sounds alarm when fish bites the hook,Make your fishing life more smarter
  • Stainless steel bearing system, tungsten steel sheet with one-way bearing, double anti-reverse structure
  • Light weight body,delicate design,as well as firm junction of the handle, work smoothly, perfect tool for fishing.
  • Blue color,Suitable for Coarse / Freshwater Fishing or Sea / Saltwater Fishing

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