Fish can be attract by fishing lamp because fish have phototaxis . It is easier for fish to see the bait near the hook. The fishing lamp also attracting shrimp and crab.

Applicable scope: fish cuttlefish, hairtail, sole, Pacific Ocean Perch, Kinki largemouth bass, northern pike, salmon, trout, and Muskies.It is good for luring fish

12V LED Underwater Light Features:

1. 12V underwater lights attract different fish and other species.
2. 1000,000 Hours of continuous use
3. 5 Sided LED Fishing Light (360 degree view)
4. Can be used both in fresh water and salty water.
5. 180 SMD Super Bright LED Lights, 1080 lumens brightness
6. IPX7 waterproof design for underwater fishing
7. Underwater and good Fishing Light for catching baits and squids.
8. Heavy Duty 5M Power Cord with battery clips.
9. 8Watts, 0.9 amp draw, 1080 lumens brightness, ultra-low battery consumption (runs 8 X Longer than halogen)

White light mainly for General purpose
Blue light mainly for Prawns and fish
Green light mainly for squid etc
Yellow light mainly for Topmouth culter, Hemiculter and fish.

Product Features

  • Wide application range–It can be used for rivers and lakes all fishing, night fishing, wild fish.
  • It can be used for light cover net, sea fishing,cage, small fishing nets.
  • It can be used in a fish pond to lure small fish for feeding big fish.
  • It can be used for whitebait nets, fishermen network modification
  • It also can be used for fish ponds, lakes fishing under the first fish lamp for fish, freshwater fish, most fish, crucian carp, phototaxis: black carp, snakehead, catfish, tilapia, grass carp. Catfish, walleye, crappie, snapper.

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