Lifelike Design
Each artificial bait has been carefully designed to imitate the natural swimming motions of small fish, to help anglers attract a bigger catch.

Environmentally Friendly
The soft fishing lures are made from TPR, an environmentally friendly, biodegradable material, so you can fish safe in the knowledge that you are leaving a clean environment for future generations of anglers.

Covers All Fishing Groups
The set contains a wide variety of different lures (soft lures, fishing grubs, rubber jigs, plastic worms) as well as different hook sizes, jig heads and weighted sinkers. You’ll be able to choose the perfect lure for your preferred catch, every time.

An Essential Purchase
Thanks to the careful selection of such a wide selection of lures, this set includes all the lures you’ll need to catch virtually any type of fish. Whatever your preferred catch, with this lure set, you’ll be able to haul in plenty of fish on your next outing.

Material: TPR + Metal
Color: Multiple Colors
Package Size: 11.22 x 4.33 x 1.38 inches
Weight: 22.93 oz

Package Included
6 x 3.54″ T-Tail Soft Lure (Black)
9 x 3.74″ Curly Tail Soft Lure (Brown)
20 x 2.56″ Curly Tail Soft Lure (Orange)
20 x 2.36″ T-Tail Soft Lure (Yellow)
9 x 1.38″ Fishing Grub (Pink)
9 x 1.38″ Fishing Grub (Green)
2 x Rubber Jig w/o Hook
5 x Bullet Sinker 15g
5 x Bullet Sinker 5g
5 x Bullet Sinker 3.5g
10 x Barrel Swivel
10 x Fishing Bead
9 x Fishing Hook 1#
9 x Fishing Hook 2#
10 x Fishing Hook 4#
6 x Jig Head 15g
5 x Jig Head 10g
5 x Jig Head 3.5g
1 x Tackle Box

Product Features

  • 154Pcs lure set contains a huge variety of lures (soft lures, fishing grubs, rubber jigs, plastic worms) in different lengths and colors, 3 different kinds of hook sizes, and 3 different kinds of bullet sinker weights to choose from – perfect for the fishing rigs: Texas Rig, Jig Head Rig and more
  • Lifelike designs imitate the swimming action of small fish, helps to attract a larger catch
  • All fishing lures are made from TPR, a soft and flexible material that is both more attractive to fish, and more environmentally friendly
  • Adjustable slots in the bait box allow you to customise your box to suit the different sizes of lure and tackle that you’ll be taking with you
  • Always be prepared for any type of catch with this outstanding selection of fishing lure set – a real must have for any serious angler and beginner

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