Bearded Banshee is designed specifically for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. This buck tail spinner bait also features the Free Floating Sonic Arm to allow our convex/concave blade to swing freely and creates irresistible sonic vibrations that cause Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass to go into a feeding frenzy!.

Product Features

  • Natural hand tied buck tail spinner bait is designed specifically to catch Large and Smallmouth Bass, but will also work for Pike, Walleye and Pan fish
  • The unique Panther Martin Blade spins on the Free Floating Sonic Arm with bearing bead and creates extra vibration not found in other spinner baits
  • The blades spinning action that allows this lure to helicopter down into a free fall
  • Outfitted with a Mustad hooks
  • Each lure is outfitted with a hand-tied buck tail jig head body

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