Trainfis is enjoy and have fun,Through the shape design and material ratio, making the bait has a more realistic action and higher speed, as dancers in the water, to attract and tempt the predator
Casting it with Worm Hook, it will slowly sink in water, Pump-and-fall retrieve, shad will paddling with tail. Or combined with jig,sinker,balded. Make it suitable in a wide variety of bass fishing scenarios. Like:Texas-rigged,carolina-rigging,buzzbait,bladed swim jig ,flipping jig trailer and jighead shad.
·Product name:fishlike soft fishing lure
·Type:Artificial Bait
·Tail Type:paddle Tail
·Colors:6colors choice ·Material:plastic/silicon
·Position:Ocean Boat Fishing,Ocean Rock Fshing,Ocean Beach ·Fishing,Lake,Reservoir Pond,River,Stream
·Fishing Group:Texas Rig / Jig Head / Wracky Rig / root ·fishing
·Use:Sea fishing / freshwater fishing / fishing lure

Product Features

  • Large Holographic Eye
  • Proven paddle tail swimming action,Great for casting and retrieving in stained water
  • Unique tailbone shape creates more fish attracting water disturbance
  • 1/5oz 3.5inch more easily to attract big fish.
  • 5 pieces set in bag

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