Experience the thrill of catching strong, feisty northern pike! Be careful though…it’s addictive! Join the scores of pike fishermen who have already discovered that Money Bunny pike spinners are among the most effective pike fishing lures ever created.

The first time you see the big swirl of a pike taking your lure right under the surface…or feel the powerful run of a strong northern making your drag go ziiiiiing…or experience a heart-stopping strike right at the end of your rod…you’ll be hooked on the Money Bunny!

From the flash of the metal to the vibrating of the blades to the irresistible movement of the fur in the water, pike can hardly bear to leave them alone!

The Money Bunny makes even novice pike fishermen look like experts!

Money Bunny spinnerbaits are versatile:

  • Choose your color based on weather conditions, water temperature, water clarity, time of day and other factors affecting pike temperament.
  • Fish them right under the surface or at varying depths throughout the water column.
  • Fish them fast or slow, steady or dance them around.
  • Broadcast them to cover water quickly and locate pike, then work weed bed edges, drop-offs, and other underwater structure with precision.

We’re certain that once you try the Money Bunny you’ll agree that it’s an essential lure in the tackle box of every serious pike fisherman. Order now and start creating pike fishing stories that will make your friends jealous!

Need a great gift for the pike fisherman in your life? Look no further than the Money Bunny…they’ll love it! (Tip: Most fisherman will want a few different colors to choose from.)

Technical details:

  • Hand-tied with marabou and bunny strips
  • Hand-painted weighted lead head with eyes
  • Sturdy “R” wire
  • Single, sharp stainless steel hook

Product Features

  • See the photos and discover the lure that has been missing from your pike fishing arsenal; big pike can’t resist the hand crafted Money Bunny, a favorite of in-the-know fishermen for years
  • Match any condition or pike preference with a variety of colors and patterns; each pike spinner has a weighted head and is approximately 5 inches long from the head to the tip of the tail
  • Attract more northerns with the irresistible undulating action created by the hand tied body, marabou feathers, strips of rabbit fur and the vibrating, flashing blades
  • The only lure you need; Money Bunny spinnerbaits can be fished virtually topwater or at varying depths with a medium or fast retrieve
  • Limited supply, order now and discover what so many pike fishermen already know; but hang on tight because you’re likely to get vicious strikes from big, hungry pike even right at your rod tip

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