Was the Lady Magdalena actually the wife of Jesus? We are not certain about that, but we are certain that if you put this hot lady at the end of your line and troll or cast by a pack of Wahoo its time to hold on tight. The pink coloration in the Lady Magdalena Big Game Lure seems to just call out to Wahoo and smaller yellowfin and like the question of the last supper, we do not know exactly why. We learned this after using other other pink colored lures over many years and just noticing that so often they were the first to get hit in the spread. We put our theory to test down in MagBay, and it became a reality. The Lady Magdalena may or may not be married to Jesus, but she sure will catch a boat load of fish.

Product Features

  • 6 Inch Wahoo, Tuna and Dorado Lure
  • Deep Diving Marauder Style
  • Mother of All Lures
  • Pink reflective coloring for maximum attraction

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