This is a blend of an effective cranking’ tool with an appetizing hatch that will easily fool pre and post feeding game fish. Approaching predators fall victim to the life-like profile and detail of this fleeing Craw. The lip design and intricate internal structure are designed to travel through thick cover and softly deflect off objects with an accurate recovery. The combination of its wide wobble action and smooth roll offers incredible performance and generates explosive strikes.

Product Features

  • Precision tooling provides unrivaled detail in the body
  • This allow the lure to get to the bottom during the entire retrieve and bounce it off weeds, rocks, and wood
  • This ‘go-to’ bait has a precise profile and intricate head detail that game fish find absolutely irresistible
  • The internal design generates a soft roll and tight wiggle action
  • Twitches when the point of contact occurs

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