Each issue of In-Fisherman magazine brings you exclusive fish-catching information on your favorite species – Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Crappie and Panfish, Pike and Muskie, Trout and more. In-Fisherman editors use over 100 years of combined angling experience to uncover angling secrets you won’t find anywhere. Plus, each issue reveals the latest in tackle and equipment, as well as North America’s fishing hot spots.

In-Fisherman is currently published with a frequency of 8 issues per year, including 1 double issue which counts as two.

Publication Schedule (subject to change without notice):

**Denotes Double Issue

Kindle Magazines are fully downloaded onto your Kindle so you can read them even when you’re not wirelessly connected.In-Fisherman magazine is a great research tool if you want to broaden your freshwater fishing experiences. It covers every type of freshwater fish, from the smallest bait swimmers to the largest game trophies. Every issue features articles on what you have to do to be successful in catching your dream mount, with tips for experts and enthusiasts just like you who spend significant amounts of time out on the water.

In-Fisherman magazine is perfect for skilled fishermen, as well as beginners. It showcases the best techniques, with detailed descriptions, diagrams, and photographs, to ensure you understand how to do things the right way. It also features in-depth discussions on why certain methods are more successful than others, explaining the reasons behind the specifics of those methods. No matter your age, you are sure to learn a new trick or two to take with you on your next boating trip. Get a gift subscription for your future fishing apprentice to study before heading out onto the water.

In-Fisherman magazine reviews the latest outdoor gear, to give you an honest look on what tools make sense to invest in and which ones you don’t need in your arsenal. The writers and editors head out on the water to test items, such as fishing rods, lures, and boating gadgets, and take you along with them to find the best fishing tools for your budget and lifestyle. No matter what type of angler you are, this magazine will give you the confidence to purchase the gear you need.

A subscription to In-Fisherman magazine should be a part of any well-rounded tackle box, as it makes great reading for those lull times on the boat or dock while you’re waiting for a bite.

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