This is a set of bass fishing packages that have been carefully combined with HIMENLENS and several professional testers.
Our Rod and reel are resistant to seawater, and in order to prolong the service life, please carry out cleaning and drying after use, and fill the reel with the oil/grease

Knowledge of bass fishing Q & A:

Q.What kind of fishing rod should I choose?
–A:High quality carbon rod is preferred, because it has a lighter weight as well as better flexibility, followed by the sensitivity of the fishing rod, and soft / hard degree.
Q:What kind of reel should I choose?
–A:The spinning wheel reel is simpler and the bass reel is more flexible,Please choose according to your preferences,If you like the pleasure of fishing, we recommend choosing the bass reel, which is why we have chosen these baitcasting reels.
Combination configuration:
180-BLUE-RIGHT__6ft/5.6oz/Carbon/2+1__White/50CS/6.5:1/6.17oz/8BB+RB/Right hand__2.0/50M+3.0/100M__________1BOX__1PS___*
180-BLUE-LEFT___6ft/5.6oz/Carbon/2+1__White/51CS/6.5:1/6.17oz/8BB+RB/LEFT hand___2.0/50M+3.0/100M__________1BOX__1PS___*
180-GOLD-RIGHT__6ft/3.3oz/Carbon/1+1__GOLD/TS-100F/6.4:1/7.58oz/14+1/Right hand__2.0/50M+3.0/100M__________1BOX__1PS___*
180-GOLD-LEFT___6ft/3.3oz/Carbon/1+1__GOLD/SDC100f/6.4:1/7.05oz/14+1/LEFT hand___2.0/50M+3.0/100M__________1BOX__1PS___*
210-BLACK-RIGHT_7ft/3.6oz/Carbon/1+1__Black/TS-100/6.4:1/7.58oz/14+1/Right hand__2.0/50M+3.0/100M+4.0/100M_1BOX__1PS___1PS
210-BLACK-Left__7ft/3.6oz/Carbon/1+1__Black/SDC100/6.4:1/7.05oz/14+1/Left hand___2.0/50M+3.0/100M+4.0/100M_1BOX__1PS___1PS

Product Features

  • World’s leading fishing rod and reel and accessories manufacturers, and there are a number of professional fishing hand signed with us in the world.
  • Applicable to professional fishing users,Fishing methods:fly fish,baitcaster,rear drag,lure,freshwater,offshore,saltwater,baitcasting,then combos use for youth,kids,girls,mens,womans and organizer.
  • Crappie/catfish rod and reel combo is ultra light trolling telescopic spincast heavy duty Fishing tackle.carp/catfish/trout/weever the best choice lot kit.
  • Made using only the highest quality components and sale passed the our fishing test, rod is lightweight and corrosion-resistant graphite body,reels distinguishes left hand / right hand,Please note that the choice.
  • Please choose your preferred combination according to your preferences and size requirements, Including colors and components.

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