Goture Multiple Soft Fishing Lures Set With a Handsome Quantity

Product Features

  • A complete soft fishing lures set with a handsome quantity that contains a pack of graceful gray fish lure (pack of 5), a pack of red tail fish lure (pack of 5), a pack of snig lure (pack of 10), a pack of lead head jigs (pack of 5), a pack of three-color shrimp (pack of 3), a pack of spinner frog (pack of 4), and a pack of shrimp lure rig (a rig with 5 lures). The total weight of the package is 312g/11oz
  • Soft silicone material for a very pliable hand feel, and lures with lead can be cast longer and dive into aim water depth accurately
  • Fine workmanship and high simulation shape make the lure look and taste like the real thing that provide a huge attraction for the targets
  • Various vivid colors include luminous which is fit for night fishing to satisfy different fishing scene
  • Different sizes of hooks with non-resistance barbs that won’t affect the speed of piercing make the fish fall off the hook hardly possible

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