2.Size:5 sizes for you to choose from:2g/3.3g/4.8g/6.6g/9.7g
4.color:Fixed 3 kinds of colors (as shown in the pictures)
5.Hook:The hook with a barb
6.Suggestion :Generally used with grub,worm,shad ,shrimp
7.Suit for:Bass,snakehead,Mandarin fish ,catfish ,blackcarp,topmouth culter,Makou fish,wildcarp,trout,salmon,redfish,yellow check charp

Product Features

  • Goture fishing jig heads feature premium solid and durable body design to meet your satisfaction.The hook eye is made of the highest quality materials, allowing you get your bait to the target effectively
  • The chemically-sharpened barbed hook point ensures better penetration and improves hook-up ratios.
  • Precisely designed hook eye ensures allowing for better connection to the fishing line.
  • Tested and refined for durability and reliability. It will be a perfect choice for anyone who loves fishing
  • Material:Lead. Size:7 size for you to choose from (1g/0.04oz, 1.5g/ 0.05oz, 2g/ 0.07oz, 3.5g/0.12 oz, 4g/ 0.14oz, 10g/0.35oz, 20g/0.70oz.)

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