Goture Fishing Lures Set with Tackle Box

Product Features

  • Goture 44pcs elaborate collocation fishing tackle set with various vivid fishing lures and necessary accessories fits freshwater and saltwater that provides an extremely convenient and high-quality fishing experience
  • 6 pieces of hard lures that include pencil, poper, VIB, minnow, crankbait and locust lures. Golden proportion body for a life-like swimming action and gorgeous colors provide a powerful ability of seduction
  • 22 pieces of metal lures that contain 2 pieces of enchanting and attractive spinners and 9 kinds of different shapes and sizes of spoons with or without movable red tails. Silver and golden color of the spoons shining with a bright lustre that drew the targets’ attention easily
  • 4 pieces of soft lures that include 2 lively topwater frogs of different sizes and 2 shrimps. Soft silicone material and high simulation shape make the lures look and taste like the real thing, which greatly increase the probability of getting hooked of the fish
  • 12 pieces of accessories that contain 5 pieces of swivel with snap; 5 pieces of split rings and 2 pieces of crank hooks in size of #2/0

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