FishingSir Swim Shad Soft Lure is made of the highest quality materials,engineered to help anglers catch more fish. It is pre-rigged with two treble hook and it is always ready to fish.
The Life-like details body,3D eyes and holographic inserts makes this lure not only looks realistic,but also feels realistic,too.
It can be fished in grass, timber, pitched under docks, or rigged on many kinds of rigs.It has a paddle tail that moves with the slightest movement of your rod. Natural baitfish flavor has always been the favorite meal of gamefish.
It is suitable for carps, lake trout, bass, striper bass, largemouth bass, pikes and walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, catfish, etc.

Safety While Fishing
1. If using a boat to fish, wear your life jacket and make sure that your passengers wear theirs.
2. Use caution when baiting and removing hooks.
3. Do not fish on unauthorized waterways.
4. If operating a houseboat, be careful of carbon monoxide build-up around the boat.
5. Obey the posted speedlimits and wake warnings if using a watercraft when fishing.
6. Bring along extra safety items such as water, flashlights, maps, and a cellphone or radio.

Product Features

  • Length: 110mm(4.33″) / 14.4g(0.51oz) – 2Pack
  • High-action swimming tail with internal lead,tough yet soft outer body: swims and wiggles fantastic fishing action,the swimming on retrieve is great.
  • Pre-rigged with two hooks and ready to fish:the single hook on the back projects forward while the triple hook hangs downward, add more odds for the targeted fish to be hooked than those of singel-hook lures.
  • Relistic: life-like details,3D eyes, holographic bodies,not only looks Relistic,but also feels Relistic.
  • A wide range of targeted fish: walleye,trophy bass,panfish,carps,lake trout,bass,striper bass,largemouth bass,pikes,Northern Pike,Perch,catfish,etc.

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