Designed to hold up to six rods or combos safely on any surface horizontally or vertically. The long lasting plastic jaws accommodate rods in a variety of sizes without deforming or damaging the blank. Durable construction for a lifetime use and interlocking system allows easy expansion. It is a wise choice for anglers.

ABS Plastic Body

  • Strong and Durable to store 6 rods neatly and securely
  • Lightweight, easy mounted in horizontal or vertical
  • Plastic seats fits many rod sizes without deforming the blank
  • Waterproof and Corrosion proof

    Durable rack base
  • 1/8″-thick high grade ABS plastic, ultra-strong
  • Machine cut and forged, one-piece construction
  • 1.6″ width seats, large enough to fit different size rods
  • Zero burden on rods themselves, totally supported by rack, prevent rods from deforming
  • Withstand saltwater combos storage

    High density EVA foam holder
  • Strong and durable
  • Soft touch, protecting rods from scratching

    Interlocking System
  • Special interlocking design allow easy expansion

    Packing List
  • Comes with all required mounting hardware, mount in both horizontal or vertical

    Product Features

    • Strong and Durable. Store 6 rods neatly and securely.
    • Ultra-strong 1/8″-thick high grade ABS plastic is exactly made for long life use even in weather, machine cut and forged, one-piece construction. Blunt edge and foam padded to avoid scratching on rod.
    • 1.6″ wide seats, large enough to fit different size rods. Base grip holder takes the pressure off rod blanks, eliminating deforming or damaging the blank.
    • Lightweight, simple to mount in horizontal or vertical
    • 42cm(16.5″) long. Interlocking design allows easy and secure rack expansion.

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