It’s rust resistant frame is made from high quality aluminium. Padded holder can protect your rod handle and lock it in place. Easy to fit and light in weight. With this rod rack your rods are always clean and always ready foy your for your next fishing trip.
Weight 2.5 kg/5.7lb ;
Material: Aluminium ;
Size: (Height x Width x Depth):72 CM × 73 CM × 33 CM /28.5′ x 29′ x 13′ ;
Box Contents: 1 x 24 rods Aluminium fishing rod rack.

Product Features

  • Sturdy quality and light-weight aluminum fishing rack,easier to assemble and occupies minimal floor space.
  • Croch bar rack holder keeps your fishing rods in full upright position after a day of fishing.
  • New upgraded 24 rod rack is great for any type of fishing pole.
  • Adequate space allowing your rods not to overlap each other while storing them in the same vicinity.
  • Great for those Fishing Rods on a boat, trucks or SUVs, home or for use in the garage,even in your bedroom.

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