Bladed Fishing Lures have become one of the biggest selling hard lures in recent times and they are a fantastic lure choice for bream and bass fisherman. However, these Fishing Lures are not just limited to catching Bream and Bass, they will catch many fish species.
Color: silver and gold
Built-in rattle attracts all predator species.
Reposition included dorsal snap to change action.
Large eyes and tempting colors encourage strikes.
Blade baits are really catching on because they’re really catching fish.
It has a built-in sonic rattle that attracts all predator species.
Change the lure’s action by hooking the included snap into dorsal holes so you can tailor the presentation to the fishing conditions.
Large eyes, tempting colors and black nickel hooks add to the lure’s fish-tempting qualities.

Product Features

  • Blade baits offer a natural vibrating action on the retrieve and an irresistible built-in sonic chamber. a unique vibration and action thanks to its weight distribution design. 
  • Fishing lures are great for vertical jigging, which allows them to swim back down through the strike zone.
  • These blades lures catch all kinds of sport fish bass, pike, perch. especially for walleye.suitable in freshwater,lakes,saltwater
  • Polished stainless steel blade lures come equipped with two black nickel fresh/saltwater treble hooks and feathers.
  • Length:7.3cm/2.86inch ;weight:20g/0.7oz;color: silver and gold; package:4pcs/lot.

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