Size:as picture show
Package:4-pieces/lot Fishing spoons in one box


1.Unique shape and balance creates a dancing, shimmering action that attracts all game fish.
2.Air flow design for extra long casts to those hard-to-reach spots.
3.Great for casting or jigging.
4.Incredibly well-balance design, weight is distributed evenly throughout spoons for long-casting fishing.
5.Product made of high quality metal material.
6.Bright colors to attract big fish.


1.Keep it away from children
2.Mind the hooks.

Product Features

  • Flashy wobbly motion imitates a crippled bait fish.
  • Spoons are easy to use and appeal to virtually all gamefish,pike,northern pike.
  • The spoons are fast-acting with a realistic motion and great for trolling or casting fishing.
  • Spoons fishing lures become one of the most versatile spoon lures for multiple species, including trout, panfish, bass, salmon
  • Package:4-Pieces/lot,different shape and weight,when you are fishing outside,you can use versatile in freshwater and saltwater.

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