TYPE: Artificial Hard Bait



WEIGHT: 11 g

LENGTH: 3.6 inches

ACTION: Wobble


FEATURES: 3D eyes, Three stainless steel balls, Holographic body, Two black nickel treble hooks


You can fish a broader range of depths with the sinking Minnow. You can cast well up onto a shallow flat and hold the rod tip straight up to keep the lure from snagging in the bottom, then as the water gets deeper, drop the rod tip slowly and slow your retrieve to get the lure deeper.

Where Minnows really shine, though, is in moving water, whether for trout, smallmouth bass or other game fish. The propensity to sink helps a dig a bit and to swim well in the current, and to get down near the bottom where the fish are.

Many streams alternate between shoal areas and pools, and a sinking minnow allows you to work both effectively. Fish it quickly over shallow shoals, either with a steady swimming motion or with high rod tip snaps. For deep runs, slow everything, possibly waiting a few seconds for the lure to sink right after it lands.

Whether in a lake or a stream, be sure to experiment with presentations. Steady swimming creates a fairly tight wiggle, while sharp tugs cause the lure to dart erratically. Also experiment with level of the water column where you work the lure, no matter the bottom depth.

Product Features

  • ▶ HOLOGRAPHIC BODY DESIGN: The reflective holographic and streamline artificial body, will be more attractive for big fish and be suitable for different water area. The slow sinking design along with a unique lip create an enticing wobbling and rolling action that is sure to drive game fish crazy. Hand-tuned and tank-tested, each lure swims perfect right.
  • ▶ STEEL BALLS INSIDE: Big moving metal ball inside keep a stable and long distance flying in air, enhance the casting distance. It also produces rattles which help to attract the attention of the fish, in very murky water.
  • ▶ QUALITY HOOKS AND RING: Black nickel treble hooks for quick piercing sharpness and the strength to withstand the fiercest battles. Two Strong, high carbon flat split rings, guarantee hooking up big weight.
  • ▶ 3D-EYES: Natural 3D High simulation eyes and magnetic force vocalization, let fish find it easier.
  • ► LIFETIME WARRANTY: This product is covered by The Campsnail’s Lifetime Warranty.

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