12-20days arrived as usualy. ship with online tracking. 1.0m in width 30m in length single net, materials and meticulous soft, good fishing assistant Specifications: Single nets: Only one mesh, mounted above the float Dimensions: 30m x 1.0m Net Hole Size: 2.5cm*2.5cm Color: green, white Nien net using a brief description: A The net hydrostatic appropriately selected, slow water waters B float under a float floating head according to the order when the net, not offside. C Do not pull the nets in the water holding tight to make fishing nets loose, so the effect will be better. D Can also be used under good nets or bamboo beat the water still ran up the stone and let the fish play “catch fish” effect. E Saw the fish hit the net do not rush the net, and other fish wrapped in prison, retractable compartment gateway recommend at least 1 hour or longer. F When the order to close the net income also press the floating head, the Internet can be used if the fish G rail fish live copy again brought out of the water, so the fish can reduce the run rate. Package includes 1 x Cast Fish Net

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  • Fishing Nets

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