Innovative Weedless Design: Never before could you fish near structures such as logs, rocks, or stick-ups, like you can with this snag-less design! Designed for those smaller fish like Trout, Crappie, Perch and other panfish! Now you can target those hiding fish without the fear of snagging up. Bigger fish hide in hard to fish areas. But with our new design you don’t have to be afraid of losing your bait. This is lure is very versatile, you can fish is high up near the surface, deep down by the bottom, or yo yo it up an down in the middle of the water column. Not to mention that this lure design is great for kids. Because its so weedless, kids can learn how to throw a lure without worrying about snagging everything on site.

Product Features

  • WEEDLESS DESIGN – 1/8 Oz, 2.25 Inch Weedless Spinner Bait with upward facing hook is protected by the lead to move through even the densest weeds without getting stuck
  • INTEGRATED SPINNER – Top Spinner cuts through the water and draws in trophy fish
  • LIGHT WEIGHT and BALANCED – This Brightly colored micro spinner maintains vertical orientation through all water environments
  • HIDDEN HOOK – The Ultra Sharp hook is hidden within the tail to nab anything that is brave enough to try eating these brightly colored bodies
  • GREAT FOR KIDS – Weedless design is great for kids as it will not get stuck in/on weeds, rocks, or other debris like traditional baits

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