With it’s unique design and superior life like appearance, Biwaa Fishing Performance’s Medium Hybrid Swimbait/Spinnerbait delivers a realistic baitfish presentation with superior flash and bite tempting action.

Biwaa Fishing Performance specifically built the Divinator Medium to increase your strike to hookup ratio with its life like apperance. Molded around an internal jig head and equipped with lifelike holographic eyes, the Divinator Medium is designed to feature a through-wire construction that then attaches to a premium barrel swivel, ending up connected to a customized willow blade. To make sure that you hookup your fish, the Divinator Medium is built with black nickel Zion Hooks.

How to Fish the Divinator Medium:

· Jigged vertically through schools of baitfish.

· Burned around mud lines and points.

· Fished on Ledges.

· Cast and retrieve.

Target Species:

· Largemouth Bass

· Smallmouth Bass

· Various Inshore Saltwater Species

Product Features

  • Tournament Grade Hybrid Softplastic Swimbait/Spinnerbait
  • 7 Inches Long, 1 – 1/4oz, Molded Around An Internal Jig Head
  • Willow Leaf Blade Connected via Stainless Steel Wire
  • Stainless Steel Pressed Split Rings with High Quality Barrel Swivel
  • Includes Polished Black Nickel Top Hook and Bottom Treble Hook – Perfect for Hooking Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Pike, Muskie, and various Inshore Saltwater Species

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