This is a SPECIAL custom designed and fully tested four (4) TEASER PINK BAIT RIG. All the teasers have multi tentacles to really work on ACTION and FLASH. Each has it’s own properly weighted egg sinker and has been placed correctly for OPTIMAL action and and presentation. The last squid teaser is larger (5 1/2″) to cover the nose weight and wire wrapper. It helps to hide the 7/0 3407 hook and cover the bait to keep it from shredding & pulling. The other 3 teasers point to the hook bait and add a bigger sight picture. This entire rig is designed to resemble that ever famous bait pod fleeing across the seas’ surface. What a sight picture this makes for any foraging predator. run this rig with the 3 TEASERS just touching the sea surface and the TEASER/BAIT combo just cruising behind it. On calm, clear days , I would run this FURTHER back in the spread and raise the outriggers straight up to make the TEASERS + the BAIT really POP and SPLASH!. Try it.

Product Features

  • Three heavy duty double skirted weighted squid teasers
  • Custom designed bait rig with nose weight and wire wrapper
  • 7/0 3407 bait hook for any size predator
  • 7+ feet of 100 + pound clear mono leader

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