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Details of the rod holder:
The rod holder is composed of three separate pieces that are screwed together in one sturdy unit–
1. The orange tubular pole holder is 1.5” in diameter – enough to accomodate most poles, and is 4.5” long.
2. The tri-flange spike is 5.5” long, to plant deep in the ground.
3. A circular metal, intermediate threaded connector, 1” x 1.5”, allows the changing of the holder from ‘safe’ model (as packaged) to functional configuration.

The features of our products:
1. The sharp bottom piece can screw into either side of the middle piece. Meaning that when your not using these holders you can unscrew them and reduce the size significantly for storage.
2. Spikes are very sharp and work with any time of type of mud, clay, sand, etc.
3. These should work no matter the type of rod you will be using.

Do you have a bad habit of knocking your fishing rod over when setting it on your tackle box?
Here is the Answer– The Croch Aluminum Fishing Rod Pole Holder!
You just need to screw in the spike, push the spike in to the ground and you are all set. Everything is secure and you can proceed to enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting for a strike. When a fish hits the bait, shaking and bending the rod but never extracting the pole or dislodging the holder.
This is a must have for any and every shore fisherman!

Notice: There will be a little color difference in different display.

Product Features

  • Prism Construction, More Stable. The prism construction(approx. 5.5″ long) is very easy to plug into the soil stable which is not spin.
  • Universal Fit. Accommodates spinning, casting and spincast rod handles(The orange tubular pole holder is 1.5″ in diameter).
  • Lightweight and Never Going to Rest. It is made of strong rust-proof aluminum and is precisely tooled.
  • Portable. It’s compact enough to fit in your tackle bag or box without any ease.
  • Best Gift. This is a must have for any and every shore fisherman.

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