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1. These lure can be used in Salt water / Freshwater applications, just make sure to rinse salt water off lure when done.
2. The plastic bill on the front dives below the waters surface and swims 4 to 8 feet deep, but you can get them to be a bit more shallow by adjusting the angle of your rod on retrieve.
3. These bright color crank baits float when you stop retrieval.
4. They can be used for walleyes, bass, and northern pike!
5. They Create Life-Like Swimming Actions In Water—wide wobble and a nice fast float to back it out of trouble if needed.
6. The hooks are very sharp and they definitely give you a better chance at hooking a fish without it being able to get away.

Product Features

  • Length: 3 9/10 in; Weight: 2/5 oz
  • Suitable in Salt water / Freshwater Applications
  • With Steel Ball Inside, Control Barycenter Easily, Cast Far
  • Noise Model Design, Make Crank Baits More Easily to Be Sensed
  • Bright Colors to Attract Walleyes, Bass, and Northern Pike

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