Crabite Handmade Fishing Nylon Cast Net


1 x Crabite Fishing Cast Net


♥ Designed for beginners
♥ Accommodates most bait species
♥ 0.45mm Thicker mesh
♥ Handmade of high strength nylon
♥ Sinking fast
♥ tight bottom seal
♥ High tensile strength
♥ Heavy duty lead weights
♥ Soft hand line easy to throw


(1) 6 Feet* 3/8 Inch/5.3 Lb
Radius: 6 feet
Diameter: 12 feet
Total weight of leads: 4 lb
Weight of per lead: 1 oz
Length of hand line: 33′

(2) 10 Feet* 3/8 Inch/8.4 Lb
Weight: 8.4 lb/3.8 kg
Height: 9.5 feet
Mesh size: 3/8 inch
Radius: 10 feet
Diameter: 20 feet
Total weight of leads: 6.1 lb
Weight of per lead: 1 oz
Length of hand line: 33′

Tips On How To Throw a Cast Net

♦It’s not about how hard you throw, it is about how you throw
♦Prep your cast net, it will make it easier to throw and easier to setup
♦You need to move in a fluid motion (be smooth) when throwing
♦You’re not trying to open the net as you throw it. The net opens itself
♦The motion you make with your body forces the net open
♦Your lower body stays in the same place

Product Features

  • Easy Catch: Crabite cast net is designed for beginners to catch most bait species like mullet, small shad, Blue Gill, Bunker, school, minnow, shrimp and even tropical fish
  • Expanded size: 10′ Radius=20′ Diameter; Height 9.5′; Total weight 8.4lb/3.8kg; 3/8″ Half Mesh Size; 33′ floating braided poly hand line easy to throw
  • Unique Mesh: Handmade of high strength nylon, unlike most monofilament cast nets on the market, which are only 0.3mm in thickness, nylon has a thickness of 0.45mm; High tensile strength, catch fish even big game easily
  • Sinking Fast: Heavy duty lead weights, each weighed about a pound, make your cast net sink to the water with lightning speed, corrosion resistant and sturdy; secured with a 2″ strong copper swivel and hard plastic horn improve capture efficiency
  • Perfect Capture: Make capturing live bait easy and fun, Crabite cast nets provides significant savings in bait cost. Feels softer, throws easier, and lies flatter.Capture bait in deeper water or current. Provides quick sink and a tight bottom seal to prevent bait escape. Strong, secure closure on retrieval.

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