All the tackle you need to make 10 catfishing rigs! Slip the weight slider onto your main line. Next tie on a swivel. Next tie your leader to the other side of the swivel. Next tie the tail end of your leader to the hook. Tip: Snell the hook if you’re using heavy line! Once you’re ready to fish, clip the weight to your slider and you’re ready to go!

Product Features

  • 10 Catfish Hooks: These super-strong catfishing hooks will withstand even your toughest monsters! The circle shape helps make sure the fish hook themselves, and limmits the possibility of a gut-hooked fish.
  • 10 Swivels: Strong swivels help prevent a big catfish from throwing the hook when they start to roll.
  • 10 Weight Sliders: Clear weight sliders aren’t a distraction to fish. Tough plastic and strong metal. Guarded clip closure helps keep your weight from accidentally coming off and limits knots.
  • 10 3oz Weights: 3oz catfish weights keep your bait where you want it, even when you’re suspend river fishing in current.

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