Are you hating the nasty worm baits? Want to a find a reusable and hygienic bait?
COM4SPORT lifelike Crankbait Hard Fishing Lures with group fish design is a good choice for you.

1. Updated school of fish design
2. Built-in 4 steel balls, make irresistible noise for fish
3. Vivid and colorful painting on the lure bait
4. Sharp and solid VMC nickel black hooks
5. Perfect for all levels, rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, reservoirs, ponds and ocean

Size: 3*1.6* 1.2 inch
Weight: 0.8 oz
Running depth: 7-13 feet
Hook material: nickel VMC
Water Area: offshore and inshore

Product Features

  • Perfect size: 7.5cm length, 23g weight, up to 4m diving depth, can achieve a longer distance casting and trolling
  • 3D stereo eyes, full bionic fish scales, excellent streamline shape, make bait more lively in the saltwater and freshwater
  • Unique school of design: built in three artificial baits, imitate realistic panic fled action of a group of fish, an irresistible temptation and attack desire for big fish
  • Two VMC nickel black hooks and stainless steel wire meson ring, make the bait more sharp and solid, not easy to be distorted, ideals for largemouth bass, carp, trout and other predatory fish
  • Bright color, vivid coating, internal four steel balls, make loud noise, easier to catch the fish attention

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