Body :60mm
Mouth :15mm
100% Brand-New
100% High-Quality
Hard plastic
Salt water / Freshwater
1. They Create Life-Like Swimming Actions In Water !
2. Smooth And Rapid Diving Action .
3. Bright Colors To Attract Big Fish !
4. 3D Eyes Make It A Powerful Catching Tool .
5. Each Comes With 2 Sharp Treble Hooks .
6.Material PVC, Stainless Steel

Product Features

  • Topwater Floating Diving Crank Bait lures
  • Bright and vivid color,More close to nature color like grass snail ect
  • Swimming action enchanting,attract fish easily
  • With steel ball inside,Control barycenter easily,cast far.Noise model design,make crank baits more easily to be sensed.
  • Colored with brown,dark red,grass green,silver.Especially have great temptation to Cyprinids(carp ,Black Carp ,Catfish,Grass Carp ect)in lower layer of water

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