The Original BiCO Jig [bee-ko] is a 3/8 oz lead-free bass jig that features an unique standup design. It comes equipped with OWNER hooks for strength, durability, and secure hooksets. Being built for versatility, the Original BiCO can be used effectively as both a flipping jig and a swim jig. The head tapers inward toward the eyelet, giving it a pointed nose that allows the lure to slip smoothly through all types of aquatic vegetation. The flat bottom not only allows it to stand up, it also makes it skip exceptionally well. It comes equipped with a stiffer, more elongated weedguard than most jigs, making it remarkably weedless. The heads are finished with a very durable, high-gloss paint that will not peel off in chunks like on most jigheads. They are also made lead-free making them environmentally safe, which is required in some states. Every jig is handcrafted and personally assembled in the USA by creator Bill Quattrucci Jr, to ensure the same level of quality he requires for himself.

Product Features

  • Versatile lead-free 3/8 oz bass jig
  • Ideal jig for flipping and skipping, or fished as a swim jig
  • Equipped with OWNER wide-gap hooks, the sharpest hooks second to none
  • Exceptionally weedless with a high-detail paint job thats very durable
  • Made and hand assembled in the USA

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