1 x Crank Bait: Size 7 (3″), 5/16 oz, Silver/Black, Deep Diver (11-13ft) 1 x Spinner Bait: 3/8 oz, Green/Chartreuse, Double Blade 1 x Top-water Frog: 5/16 oz, Green/Black/White, Dual Hook 5 x Hot Stick Soft Bait: 5″ Pumpkin Seed, Neon Green 5 x Hot Stick Soft Bait: 4″ Watermelon Seed, Green 5 x Lizard Soft Bait: 6″ Junebug (Purple, Aqua Flakes) 5 x Curl Tail Soft Bait: 6″ Blue/Black Twist 5 x Finesse Tail Grub: 3″ Green Pumpkin 5 x Crawfish Creature Bait: 3″ Pumpkin Pepper Brown 5 x EWG Worm Hook: 3/0 5 x Sproat Worm Hook: 1/0 5 x Wide Gap Wacky Rig Octopus Hook: #1 9 x Bullet Weight: 3 x 1/4 oz, 3 x 1/8 oz, 3 x 1/16 oz

Product Features

  • POPULAR STYLES AT COMMON SIZES – Essential Bass fishing tackle in the appropriate sizes, styles and colors
  • VERSATILE TACTICS – 60 pcs include 1 x Crankbait, 1 x Spinnerbait, 1 x Topwater Frog, 30 x Soft Bait Assortment, 5 x EWG Worm Hook, 5 x Sproat Worm Hook, 5 x Wacky Rig Octopus Hook, 9 x Bullet Weights for Texas Rig and Carolina Rig
  • CONVENIENTLY STORED – 11×7 inch strong, plastic stowaway tackle storage to keep equipment protected and easily transported
  • BASS FISHING TACKLE – Selection offers virtually all general Largemouth Bass Fishing Tactics with Bass Fishing Lures, Bass Fishing Worms, Bass Fishing Hooks, Bass Fishing Weights
  • TAILORED TACKLE BASS BOX is professionally curated by the pro’s at Tailored Tackle like owner Ed Hitchcock whose Largemouth Bass is photographed to the left caught with the deep-diving crankbait on a pond in Hilton Head, SC

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