The new Bagley Ukko 20 was made for big fish anglers – who are looking for a bait and action the “big boys” have not seen before. The Ukko 20 is a perfectly sized beaver-tail bait with an arched back design that also has a durable square swimming lip that makes it perfect for working over rocks and cover structure. Equipped with premium heavy duty hooks and hardware this unique lure design is easy casting and ideal for trolling. It tracks perfectly without spin outs or flipping when retrieved and swims with a wide rolling action. It can also be paused and jerked with a slow rise that drives the big ones crazy. The new Bagley Ukko 20 has big action – which means big fish. Go big or.

Product Features

  • Constructed with exclusive lip technology – the notched lip allows for maximum depth and durability unmatched by any other lure on the market
  • Constructed with premium materials and hardware designed for maximum action and durability
  • Equipped with premium VMC black nickel round bend treble hooks
  • Every Bagley bait is individually hand-tuned and water-tested to make sure the action is spot-on from the very start
  • Designed by renowned lure designer Jarmo Rapala

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