Pike and Northern are great game fish but only available in some states. The lures that can be used vary from state to state because of regional differences in temperatures, water clarity and the natural food source. We put gather these 5-packs of fishing lures each optimized for the region/state you plan to fish in. We hope you can benefit from our knowledge and experience to enhance your fishing trip and adventure. Recommendations are available for all 50 states. For example, searching for “Best Akuna lures for Minnesota” will direct you to our listings and recommendations for fishing in Minnesota. At Akuna, we make lures with unique colors sold in convenient packs so you can focus on fishing.

Product Features

  • We have done the research and so you don’t have to; We have lures chosen in packs specifically for your state and fishing pleasure
  • Please select your state to get the 5-pack of lures chosen by our staff to catch pike and northern in your area
  • These packs are of great value giving you savings of up to 50% compared to other name brand lures; Makes a great gift
  • Akuna offers many unique colors and convenient packs for your fishing enjoyment; The lures in these packs are intended for freshwater use only
  • Click ASK OWNERS in Q&A section below for recommendations, usage, Etc.; Share with us your fishing stores; We would love to hear from you

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