This Fishing Lure has a length of 2.75 inch and a weight of 0.7 oz. These are long casting Fishing Lures retrievable at different speeds for different action. They also work well as a jigging Fishing Lure. Let these sink to the bottom and jig off the bottom. Use in deeper water for pike, muskie, lake trout, and bass. The unique design of these Fishing Lures creates great wobble action. They are available in 15 tried and true colors, and it’s heavy weight allows these ones to go down deep. Use these Fishing Lures in open water, drop offs, and near rock structures and walls.

Product Features

  • Exceptional colors and body effects
  • Flashy Wobbly Motion
  • Dimpled Body
  • Quality Fishing Lure at a Good Price
  • Great Gift Idea

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