✔Target species: Bass, trout Walleye, Northern Pike and Salmon
✔Suitable water layer: The middle and upper layers
✔ Completely new perfect design
✔ Life-like swimming action in water
✔ Bright colors to attract big fish
✔ Each comes with 1 sharp treble hook

Material: Metal
Package: 6pcs with box

1.Keep it away from children
2.Mind the hook.

Product Features

  • Design for Bass,Trout,Salmon,Walleye etc.
  • Large size:3.14in , Weight:0.28oz . Design to catch larger and heavier fish.
  • Each Spinnerbait comes with a sharp treble hooks with brightly colored strike-attractor sleeves.
  • Each package contains6 different colors of bait.
  • The blades spin perfect and do not cause any line twist. Hooks are clean and very sharp.

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