My new 6 in. HOLOGRAPHIC cedar takes the holographic flash and finish to a new level. The holograph on the cedar makes all the colors flash and splash the blue and white all around the seas’ surface. This really attracts all predators from far away. The 10/0 hook is painted dark blue on one side and light blue on the other. That effectively hides the hook and adds to the effect. Add 3 teasers in blue/white with sparkle bellies and the correct weights in each teaser to keep the whole package running true. The proper space between the teasers and the cedar makes them act like a baitpod running for their lives. Remember it is the SMALL bait pods that attract all the attention first. Then your cedar is attacked.

Product Features

  • 6 in. blue and white holographic cedar
  • 10/0 2X strong hook
  • Painted hook
  • 7+ ft of 200 lb mono leader
  • 3 blue and white, weighted teasers

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