Talk about a baby Mahi look alike! This is it. The 3 teasers are the orange/yellow/blue color of frightened baby Mahis. Everything in the ocean eats baby Mahis. All the teasers are constructed to act like they are fleeing from a bigger predator. The 4″ Mahi cedar in green, yellow and orange imitates a larger excited Mahi chasing the 3 smaller ones. LUNCH TIME! When you are chasing your dinner, you can’t watch your own tail and you become someone else’s dinner. This color combination just ‘RINGS THE DINNER BELL’ for all the other bigger fish.

Product Features

  • Custom designed and tested 4″ cedar daisy chain in green, yellow and orange
  • Three multi colored teasers designed and constructed to provide realistic action.
  • Each double skirted teaser is weighted and placed at the most effective distance from the hook lure and each other.
  • 9/0 2X strong painted hook on 150lb mono.

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