The 4″ Grim Ripper is made of only highest quality wood, paint, and parts. The bodies of the fishing lure are all individually lathed from Eastern White Pine. Each lure is then completely sealed with a primer coat and painted with an MEK based paint. Then each lure is coated with a two part flex coat which gives them their rock-hard finish and will make them last a lifetime. Each lure is then completely rigged with high quality stainless steel hardware parts which is secured to the lure by a two-part epoxy to entirely seal the whole lure. Finally the lure is rigged with two stainless steel VMC Permi-Steel hooks so each lure is freshwater and saltwater ready. Each lure is truly one of a kind and a masterpiece in itself! There absolutely is nothing on the market that will beat a HighRoller fishing lure, so go ahead and give us a try, you will not regret it!!

Product Features

  • Great For Both Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing
  • Equipped With High Quality VMC Permi-Steel Hooks
  • Each Lure is Hand Carved From Eastern White Pine and Also Hand Painted
  • Each Lure is Finished With a Smooth Clear Coat Which Makes Our Lures Last a Lifetime
  • 100% Made in The U.S.A.

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