Sometimes less is more. Because inshore, when the predators are homed in on tiny baits, that’s all they want to eat and you must, must, must change your bait size. You always want to match the hatch. The squids on this bar match the 4-6 inch bait fish that most pelagic’s eat. This 18″ composite bar loaded with 4 1/2 baits moves like the smaller bait pods that are easy prey for them. Why use a composite bar? This bar flexes in and out making all the squids seem to breath as they move naturally like a real bait pod. It is lighter on your main line, and doesn’t allow the fish to throw the hook with just an easy head shake. A composite bar will not dig the end of the bar into a sea and roll all over your other lines. It will not rust out, twist, break or take a set where you have to re-bend it after a few fish. The mainline starts at the very top, goes thru the bar and down to the a snap swivel that connects to your hook bait which has a Mustad 2x-8/0 tuna hook painted to hide it from that hungry pelagic’s eyes until it’s too late for him to see it. The hook is stiff rigged so it will not twist and turn at the worst possible time, making you miss a fish. A 1/2 + ounce weight inside the chase bait puts it where it belongs, below and behind! The entire hook lure is larger than the squids and in a different color, making it appear to be a larger bait fish chasing the pod. That sends out the signal that he is ‘easy meat’ for the hungry predator who knows that in the ocean, you can’t watch your own tail when you are chasing bait!

Product Features

  • Superior double skirted teaser action. Just attach to your main line and you are ready to go.
  • 18″ highly flexible bar that will not dig in, roll over or rust. Easily deployed and retreived. Comes with a complientary storage bag.
  • Flexes in and out creating a realistic bait fish action that mimics a smaller broken up bait pod
  • 6in weighted chase bait in contrasting color with 8/0 95160 2X painted hook, detachable for easy change out.
  • Your hook lure is focused on that bait pod, making him ‘easy meat’ for That hungry predator who knows that in the ocean, you can’t watch your own tail when you are chasing bait!

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