Here’s THE ultimate cure lure for all those BIG Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo, Marllin. A dark purple plastic head with large iridescent eyeballs and big black/pink skirts that flash light around the sea surface. Add all red tri-beads (think bleeding fish) to put that 9/0 hook back where it belongs, in the fish’s mouth, even for those short strikers. The 3 weighted teasers are purple/black UV over bright pink and are placed at the correct distance from each other and from the hook lure. They have just the right movement to attract those predators. The whole setup resembles a small bait pod being chased by a predator that CAN’T WATCH ITS OWN TAIL. PERFECT. Put this out on your 4th – 6th wake wave for best hookups. Did I mention huge pulsing eyes when trolled? Yes, just did.

Product Features

  • 12 in custom trolling lure designed built and tested by me in the USA
  • 8.0 Mustad 2X strength hook ~ 7+ ft of 150 lb test leader
  • Double skirted black over bright pink with sparkles
  • Stiff rigged painted hook color coded to hide the flash
  • Three 4 3/4in double skirted and weighted teasers

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